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Shalyn Yardley is a photographer based in Southern Utah. She specializes in newborns but babies, maternity, birth and children shoots are some of her favorites. She will occasionally shoot families, weddings, couples, and seniors. She is a sucker for natural light and rays of sunshine. Golden hour is the perfect time for outdoor shots and her Southern Utah studio is the perfect spot for those tiny newborns. 
She has mentored with Bree Fowles, Kelly Brown, and Ana Brandt and has attended WPPI trainings and listened to world famous speakers on photography. Above all Shalyn is a mother to an adorable son and wife to her high school sweetheart. She has been doing photography for 5 years and specializing for 2. 

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my story

       I think at a young age It was evident that I was destined to be artistic.  I had much imagination and spent hours in my bedroom making videos or taking photographs - I was always creating in one way or another.  As I grew up I found myself always documenting moments, either with a digital camera or a cell phone.  As I lost friendships and loved ones, I remember looking back on the image we had taken and remembering that exact moment.  That is what I love about photography.
       Becoming a photographer happened randomly and honestly I cannot pin point the exact moment I decided I wanted to create a business.  I was 16 years old and struggling in high school.  I had a couple close knit friends but had recently quit my life, long passion of cheerleading and felt a hole inside of me.  I had a Nikon cool pic camera and I gathered some friends up and wanted to take their pictures.  After that I was somewhat hooked but was still struggling with day to day life.  I needed some way to fill that hole and after talking with my parents, we decided to invest in a DSLR for me to use as well as the family.  We purchased a Nikon D3100 and I took photo after photo.  I taught myself photoshop all on my own and I taught myself how to shoot in manual mode. I did several shoots for friends and family just to get experience and learn.  
       After quite a lot of shoots I kept getting requests and calls to have me shoot their daughter, family, weddings, etc.  I sat down and had a talk with my parents and then we decided to take this public and I would create a business.  I still remember my first wedding getting paid $200 and I was on cloud9.  I was 16 years old at the time.  I was currently in stable relationship with my husband and photography had filled the hole that cheerleading had fulfilled.     I was happy. 
     Fast forward to High School graduation (May 2013) where I graduated with an Associates Degree in General Science at my high school graduation in 2013.  I had a successful photography business and I felt on top. Before my studio, I mainly shot weddings, seniors, and families. I love shooting outdoors but weddings just didn't fill my need and wants. My studio shortly opened and I started to shoot more studio sessions, more newborns, etc. During all this I was planning a wedding and getting ready to move 2 hours away. 
       July 2013 I got married to my high school sweetheart of 4 years and we moved two hours away from home to attend collage.  Ty shortly left a month after our wedding to attend Basic Training for the National Guard and I was left alone for 6 months.  I was currently enrolled in collage but nothing was sticking out to me.  I finally made the decision to focus on newborns because I love babies.  I was so baby hungry but with a husband being in another state - a baby was not in our future.  I've been specializing in newborns for about 2 years now and they are my all time favorite subject to shoot.  Since specializing - I have had my own baby.  I am a mom to a one year old little boy, Archer.  He keeps me on my toes but he is the reason I live everyday and strive to do what I do.  I know from having a child that these memories are precious.  He grew up in a blink of an eye and I am so grateful that I can look back and see those teeny, newborn photos or amazing, birth photos I had done.  Time really does fly by so investing in a amazing photographer is very crucial.  
       I have been married for almost 3 years to Ty and cannot imagine my life without photography.  I often look back and think if I would have stayed cheerleading- where would I be?  I am a firm believer of the motto that everything happens for a reason.  This year I have started to focus on my training and further my education.  I have had the chance to mentor with some amazing newborn photographers and I can see my education going farther in the future.  


ache for it."

"...but I know what a rare commodity it is to truly love what you do so much that you 

These are the moments

you never want to forget.

Let me capture them for you.. 

She started out taking my pictures about 3 years ago, and I have never not been blown away from her work. She’s taken my senior pictures, and now that I’ve got a little boy on the way, she took my gender reveal pictures, and we just took my maternity pictures:) she will be doing some birth photography, and I am excited for them! Then after my baby is born, she is taking his newborns. I recommend Shalyn to all of my friends and family :) so get at her and book your next session. -Aspen Seifers

Shalyn is amazing...

When I first started looking for a photographer for my newborn session, all of Shalyn's session stuck out to me.  I love her style, and all of her photographs.  I knew I wanted her to photograph my pregnancy and my sons newborn sessions.  I hired her to shoot my pregnancy and gender reveal along with a fresh 48 hour session and newborn.  I even added on the watch me grow package after he was born!  I will be forever thankful that I did.  I am excited to have her capture every stage of his first year, and she will do just that! -Kenadee Carter

Shalyn stuck out to me..

I have had both my children's newborns done by Shalyn and absolutely loved them!  She works so good with newborns and is patient with working with them.  I also had family pictures done and she did my pregnancy announcements and they turned out so good!  I love the quality and edits of her photographs and they turn out beautiful!  I Would recommend her to anyone! -Kylie McMullin 

Shalyn is so patient with newborns 

Everytime we have gotten pictures from Shalyn we always have a pleasant experience. Have never been disappointed in any pictures she has ever taken. Great quality work and we always get unique pictures. She takes your ideas and expands them into amazing photos you can enjoy and memories to look back on.
-Karston & Liz Davis

always have a pleasant experience

I have been so impressed with every session I have had from Shalyn! She worked so good with my little sassy girl and captured amazing images that I will always love!! I am so happy I chose her to photograph every stage of my little baby in the watch me grow sessions! I would highly recommend her to everyone!
-Bailee Christensen

I highly recommend her to everyone!

I can't thank you enough for the incredible job you did taking Slade's newborn pictures! I loved how warm and cozy your studio was, and how you had all of your props and everything ready to go. When you sent me the sneak peak of the pictures last week, it moved me to tears! They turned out beautifully and I am so grateful that you captured this newborn phase in his life that we will be able to treasure forever. -Stephanie Blackner

His sneak peek, moved me to tears!

The Newborns

The Freshly Born

The Littles/Regular

The Bumps

Gender Reveal | 30 minute session to capture the gender reveal of your pregnancy. Includes: -custom session -15/20 edited images -online gallery+video capture available =$150 

The Maternity | Just a regular maternity session. Includes: -custom session -20/30 edited images -access to my dress collection -In person gallery review+ordering session, $25 print credit. =$200

Peek a Boo | Mini newborn session. Includes: -custom session w/ choice of beanbag or backdrop setups. -15-20 edited images -In person gallery review+ordering session, -access to props -No parents+siblings, -$20 print credit =$250  

Cutie Pie | Regular newborn session. Includes: -custom session -30+ edited images -In person gallery review+ordering session, -access to props, -$30 print credit -Parents included + 1 sibling (additional siblings $10) =$350 

You Are Set | This package is a maternity + newborn session. Includes: -newborn session -maternity session -in person gallery review+ordering session -access to all my props, -$25 print credit for each session, -parents included + 1 sibling (additional siblings $10) =$500  

Watch Me Grow | This package is for capturing monthly milestones. Includes: -newborn+3,6,9 and 1 year session -edited images from each session -online gallery -parents included for newborn shoot + 1 sibling (additional siblings $10), -$10 print credit from each session=$1000

newborn/maternity pricing

fresh48/birth pricing



the littles/regular pricing

Mini Session | This package is a mini session for studio or outdoor. 
Includes: 15-20 edited images -In person gallery review+ordering session -1 person -$10 print credit =$170 

Regular Session | This package is a regular session for studio or outdoor. 
Includes: -20-30 edited images -in person gallery review+ordering session -up to 3 people -$30 print credit =$250

Cake Smash Session | This package is a cake smash session for children turning one or two years old. It allows one child (contact me for multiples) and a regular outfit, cake smash, and optional bath shoot afterwards ($35 add on). 
Includes: -custom setup -25-35 edited images -in person gallery review+ordering session -custom cake by Sweet Temptations by Amanda Floyd -personal opinion  on theme, outfits, etc. -5x7 digital template "turning one = $200

Please contact me for family pricing. 
I do have monthly mini sessions so contact me to see my upcoming ones. 

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